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It will be a cakewalk. Our prices start from CZK 299.

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CZK 29930 days
CZK 59960 days
7 days
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CZK 99990 days
21 days
Comfort Sales PackageFree of charge
Want to sell your property fuss-free?
We’ll handle selling your property from A to Z: listing to handover.
Prodáme o 5-10 % nad tržní cenou.
We’ll save your time and sell twice as fast.
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Extend and BoostCZK 299

Extend listing’s validity by 30 months. You’ll get a free one-time booster as a bonus

Why Bezrealitky?

We offer so much more than just a property listing website.

DM Platform

Communication with your prospects will be as easy as it gets. With our DM platform, you can send, read, and filter messages, check your prospects’ profiles, or sort them with tags. You’ll never miss a thing. With each incoming message, we’ll send a notification straight to your inbox

Premium Services

Are you looking for more than just a listing management platform? With our Complete Package, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee in case you don’t match with any solid prospect, or a Tenant Credit Check to make sure your prospect’s financial situation is under control. For those who want to stay on the safe side throughout the transaction, we have our comprehensive Property Legal Services.