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Money-back guaranteeMoney-back guaranteeMoney-back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

With our Complete Package, you can be 100% sure we’ll match you with a solid prospect.

All clear, no fine print
Listing with Money-Back Guarantee
Quick match
List with confidence

How it works


List your property

Add fine pictures of your home, choose the proper parameters, and describe it thoroughly. Pick the Complete Package that provides a money-back guarantee when paying for the listing.


Don’t disclose your contact information in the listing!

The guarantee only covers owner-prospect communication via our DM platform. If you publish your e-mail or phone number, we won’t know with whom you deal.


Wait for the prospects to DM you

We believe that you’ll find a solid one you’ll make a deal with. If no one contacts you within three months, we’ll reimburse you for the listing.

Sell or rent out your home with us

We have thousands of visitors each day. We’re the only real estate service in Czechia that offers a money-back guarantee to homeowners.

Sometimes, you ask us.

We guarantee that you’ll be matched with at least one solid prospect within three months if you list your property with the Complete Package. We can’t guarantee that you two make a deal, yet we’ll do our best to follow through with your communication. As a middleman, we can’t intervene in your communication, in any case.
Anyone interested in purchasing or renting your property contacts you via our DM platform. It may be a person asking about property details, asking for more information or meeting in person.
We’ll admit that the service didn’t work as expected if no solid prospects contact you via our DM platform within three months upon listing activation. We'll extend your listing’s validity for free or reimburse you.
The guarantee does not cover listings with substantial flaws (no pictures, no property description, no price, a nonsense price) or with the owner’s contact information disclosed in the property description. Why is that? If you publish your contact information in the listing, we’ll never know if someone contacted you by phone or e-mail. The guarantee does not apply to Basic and Optimal Packages, valid for less than three months.
Just once. If you qualify for the guarantee, we’ll reimburse you or extend your listing for another three months. You decide.
The guarantee applies to the Complete Package.