Comfort Sales Package

Comprehensive property selling services, from listing to home staging to handover. Free of charge. No ifs or buts.

Sell your property for 10–15% more than the average market price
Save your time and sell twice as fast
No fine print
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Key benefits

Sell your home for 10–15% more than the average market price

We know how to make your property more attractive so people will be eager to pay more.

But wait, who will pay for the services? The buyer, on top of the selling price! You don’t pay a dime.

Save your time and sell twice as fast

We’ll take care of the listing and home tours, as well as the legal and technical side of the process. Your home will be sold within 40 days, on average, so a lot faster than usual. If you’re under extreme time pressure, we can buy your property out right away.

No fine print. All clear.

Instead of calculating a proportional fee based on the final selling price, we charge a fixed fee. We constantly invest in your property and add extra selling points. You stay on top of things and get the maximum possible selling price.

Extra value added to your property

We provide home staging and professional photo services.

How it works

A specialist for each step

You’ll work with a dedicated sales specialist, professional photographer, home designer, lawyer, and technician.

Let’s dive into it.

We’ll call you to get all the necessary info on your property. You’ll be assigned with a team of professionals.

  • We may sell your property for 10–15% more than the average market price…
  • …and twice as fast as with competitors.
  • A team of nine professionals takes care of your home.

We have your property price estimated by a property sales specialist.

They give you a quote and tell you how to proceed. In the next step, the sales specialist manages all the teamwork.

  • This service is completely free of charge for you.
  • We work with seasoned professionals.
  • You know exactly how much your property is going to sell for.

We fine-tune your home

We put big money into your property before it gets sold, so it’s as appealing as it gets. Believe us; it’s worth it. Our home designer stages your home before a professional photoshoot. Then we list your property and focus on its promotion.

  • The more appealing your property looks, the more you get for it.
  • How do we increase the demand? With home staging, a professional photoshoot, and a virtual home tour published in the listing.
  • We also take care of the technical details, such as making a floor plan for your home or putting a banner on it.

We communicate with the prospects to save your time.

Let us plan and arrange all home tours. Our sales specialist sends you regular reports, so you’re up to date. Together, we pick the best buyer.

  • You set the most convenient date and time of the tours, but you don’t need to be a part of them.
  • We provide you with essential data on your listing views, prospects, and home tours.
  • If there are more prospects than just one, we put your property in an auction and sell it to the highest bid.

You’re on the safe side.

The package covers property legal services, too. Our lawyers draft watertight agreements, such as a precontract, sales agreement, or handover protocol. All contracts are to be approved by you and the buyer before signature.

  • Need to run a credit check on your buyer? We’re on it.
  • We provide money escrow if needed. Our lawyers take care of it, free of charge.
  • What is your prospect’s credit rating? Let us check.
  • We provide safe money transfer services.

We deal with transferring your property rights

We deal with transferring your property rights in the land register in the next step. We also transfer utilities to the buyer. Our technician takes part in the handover process and double-checks everything.

  • No time to run errands? You don’t need to.
  • Last but not least, you get a 20% discount on moving services.

Ready to make your property sale easier?

Let’s talk. Free of charge. No strings attached.


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If I had another home to sell, I’d go for the Comfort Sales Package again. It’s completely free of charge for the owner – wow!

Lenka Slováková

Project Manager

The Bezrealitky’s real property market specialist has met all our requirements and successfully navigated us through the complex process of selling our flat. I’m happy with our partnership and I wanna thank you again.

Jakub Vorel


I sold my home in a few days. Wow! Everything has been taken care of. If I sell any property in the future, I’ll contact Bezrealitky again without any hesitation.

Aleš L.


I appreciate your responsiveness and the overall cooperation on selling my flat. Happy to recommend your services to other users.

Simona Marková


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Frequently Asked Questions

This service is charged as a fixed fee and added to the selling price paid by the buyer. The seller doesn’t pay anything.

We have a team of well-experienced specialists in many fields, from sales to photography to property law. Nine professionals will be taking care of you during the selling process, but you’ll be mostly communicating with the sales specialist.

Based on our experience and the procedures, we sell most properties within a month from putting them online. Since we invest a great deal into raising your property’s value, we enter into an exclusive brokerage agreement. We guarantee that it will be sold within a minimum time for a maximum price, thanks to all the investments made. Speaking in numbers, we’ll sell your flat within three months and your house within six months.

Here’re some examples of what we do:

  • home staging (using home decor and design to make your property look more appealing)
  • professional photoshoots
  • virtual home tour video in the listing.

Our professional team will take care of everything. The services are available all over the country.

The quote is calculated by our property sales specialist, based on their best knowledge and data mined from real estate price maps. The owner must accept the final selling price. As your sales partner, we’d never push you into selling your home for the price you’re not happy with. Curious about how much you can sell your property for? Check your free-of-charge quote generator.

We’ll mainly use our dedicated platform to list and promote your home. We get over 2 million page views per month, so you don’t need to worry if your property gets enough attention from all over Czechia and Slovakia. However, we’ll engage multi-channel marketing and social media platforms to get your listing some extra visibility.

When selling your property, you might need some cash to move forward with the rest of your plans. We’ve figured it out. At the very beginning of our cooperation, you may get as much as 50 to 80% of the selling price. We need to arrange essential financial details and sign a brokerage agreement. In a matter of days, you get the cash in your bank account. Unlike competitive services, you stay the property’s owner during the entire selling process. We won’t force you to undersell your property; quite the opposite: you get the maximum possible price.