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On Bezrealitky, you can contact property owners directly via our DM platform.

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You’re four steps from finding your new home

1. Find a perfect property

Use our search form and filters (price, furnishing, neighbourhood and so on). Add what you like to Favourites. If you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, set a Watchdog that’ll fetch and drop new listings straight to your inbox.

2. Book a home tour

Already found a match? Once you register, contact the owner. If you want to contact rental property owners, a Premium Profile is a must. Then you’re all set to book a home tour and check the property in person.

3. Sign a contract

The home tour turned out to be a success and you’re interested? Great! If you rent, ask the owner to reserve the property for you and have a Lease Agreement drafted. If you need to deal with the purchase of the property, we will be happy to provide you with complete Legal Services, including custody.

4. Ready to move?

Once you’re done with the legal stuff, it’s time to transfer the utilities. If you rent the property, it’s obviously up to you and your landlord if to transfer.

Ready to find your dream home?

Why Bezrealitky?

You’ll save a bunch of money

An average rental commission in Prague is 19,000 CZK. With a Premium Profile, you’ll find your perfect home for a fraction of this price: just 799 CZK. You’ll have access to instant communication with all owners on the platform – no middlemen, no commissions.

Direct communication with private owners

On Bezrealitky, you deal with private owners. The communication is quicker, more to-the-point, and free of charge.

Listings you won’t find anywhere else

On Bezrealitky, we have commission-free property listings from private owners that you won’t find anywhere else.

What we can help you with

You’ll be the first to see the latest listings.

Initially, I was very cautious about the services, but I must admit I’m pleasantly surprised after all. All done quickly, without any delays. Nice and transparent communication. I strongly recommend Bezrealitky services.


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You ask, we answer

It’s only possible to contact owners with a registered account and a paid Premium Profile. The profile gives you plenty of benefits that’ll help you find your perfect home faster and easier.
The owner has 3 days to reply to your messages. If they still don’t answer, please report it to us by clicking on the ‘Report User’ button in the conversation. We’ll remind the owner to reply to the messages.
Please report such a listing at info@bezrealitky.cz and we’ll verify the owner.