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Recreational property for sale • 700 m² without real estateŠtěchovice - Štěchovice u Prahy, Středočeský Region

Štěchovice - Štěchovice u Prahy, Středočeský RegionPartially equipped
PriceCZK 3,700,000Save CZK 33,300,000CZK 37,000,000

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Property Characteristics

Listing ID784301
Fully furnishedPartly
Užitná plocha700
Available from25/05/2023
EPCB - Velmi úsporná

Additional information

MHD 2 minutes by car

What you will find nearby

Public transportŠtěchovice, Třebenice
\uD83D\uDEB6 811 m (10 min)
Post officeŠtěchovice
\uD83D\uDE98 9,788 m (15 min)
\uD83D\uDEB6 698 m (8 min)
RestaurantV Proudech
\uD83D\uDE98 645 m (2 min)
\uD83D\uDE98 9,634 m (14 min)
\uD83D\uDE98 11,921 m (18 min)
KindergardenMŠ Hradištko
\uD83D\uDE98 11,481 m (17 min)
Sports field
\uD83D\uDE98 10,666 m (17 min)
\uD83D\uDEB6 631 m (8 min)

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